A Business Approach to Thanksgiving Gratitude

We have come so far from the days of the early Pilgrims sharing their meal with the native Indians. We no longer have to plant or harvest the corn. We no longer have to hunt, shoot, and dress the turkey. There is so much ready-to-use abundance, and we have become accustomed to it along with a tendency to take things for granted. It’s never too late though to spend a little time thinking about gratitude even when it isn’t Thanksgiving.

Gratitude has a step preceding it that deserves some attention. That step is called recognition. It works like risers on a set of stairs: first there is recognition (this is the riser.) Following recognition is gratitude (this is the tread.) You can easily see that there is an upward ascension when you use recognition and gratitude and what a blessing you add to your life when you do.

Recognition and gratitude, though, are an individual business. They are always there, but you, the individual, would be well served to stop your busyness on a regular basis and hunt for them. Business women are always searching for, embracing, and putting the next good thing to work in their businesses. It’s equally good to enjoy a breather when you take a moment to recognize the good you’ve already accomplished and be grateful for it.

abundance, Pats Write MindWhy? Because your thought is causative. Because what you think about is what you get. When you’re busy being grateful, you’re also creating more that you can subsequently be grateful for. It becomes habitual and when folks look at you and think “Wow, is she lucky!” they don’t see how you’ve made recognition and gratitude an in-place habit.

I love turkey, cranberry sauce and sage dressing. I also love the cycles of the seasons that make the golden yellow oak leaves float down in the breezes and settle down to add their nutrients to my garden. I recognize the squirrels scurrying about and gathering this year’s abundant acorn crop to prepare for the winter. I can see the excitement building in my family as we plan and prepare for our Gratitude feast. These might seem small ideas in our busy working days, but they become part of the habit of recognition and gratitude that will eventually spill over into your business as more to be grateful for.

In Webster’s 1828 dictionary, recognition is described as Acknowledgment; solemn avowal by which a thing is owned or declared to belong to, or by which the remembrance of it is revived. That revival is an active thought spilling over into gratitude and creates a cycle of abundance. Webster has this to say about abundance: Great plenty; an overflowing quantity; ample sufficiency.

You want more clients in your business? You want more sales? You want to be better known? You want to enjoy a fabulous life and have a terrific retirement from the result of your labors? It all begins right where you are this very moment with the small steps of recognition and gratitude.

Take that first step of recognition. Allow it to follow through into gratitude. Don’t add anything negative to it like “It’s such a small thing.” Small things work to take you up higher, too. Allow yourself that stepping up. You will begin to see the expressions of abundance when you establish the habit of recognition and gratitude. Weave it into your day and it will sustain you as you do your coaching, sell your oils, put forth your teaching – all that you do. It’s a powerful albeit silent tool and during this season, it just seems natural to think about it.



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