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When How I Spent My Summer Vacation was published in the Children’s Column in The Evening News in Uniontown, PA, the hook went in and it tugs at me still.  I’ve loved writing all my life and although I talk A L.O.T., I prefer to write. You could put a burlap sack over my head, and I’d still find a way to write.

You know how many kids hate writing essays homework? Not me!  It was like mainlining vitamin B12.  Term papers were like Jujubes and research?  Oye! I even loved my years as a Research Librarian.  Go figure!

I was an assistant writer on the My English Book grade school series published by Ginn and Company.  Assistants don’t have their names published. We just do the research, write the exercises, and swami-down in front of the “real” authors.  Ask me how I know?

I hated studying history and loved literature.  In college, I turned a World History term paper requirement into a literature treatise on how the writings of Stalin and Pasternak influenced the world at that time. Got an A+!

In the corporate world, I wrote User Manuals for my temp jobs; curriculum for my training jobs; proposals, all manner of freelance writing especially for Life Coaches that requires a psychological, self-help, or metaphysical basis, SEO’d website copy, marketing writing, ezine articles. Nom, nom, nom.

One of my greatest accomplishments will forever remain behind my Secret Clearance. I can share only the highlights with you. I taught myself Word Perfect in the “Limbo” (waiting to be let in) of a facility. One day, my boss came to my office and said, “There’s good news and bad news. Your clearance has come through.  You have three weeks to get the manuals done.”  In three weeks of late nights and early mornings, I wrote five manuals for the operation of five radar consoles using military PDR and CDR presentation style with the help of a team of fabulous software engineers. I only wish I could show you. Our customer was thrilled with the documentation. I was ecstatic.

What You Don’t See But What You Get:

I have a visionary insight into people.  There was a time in my life when I could see the mistakes people were making that created unhappiness for themselves, and I would boldly tell them what I saw.  That really pissed people off.  I’ve gotten wiser.  When I took this skill into my writing career, I discovered it allowed me to see what wasn’t being said and put that into words. Makes for great copy that puts an arm around your client’s waist and tugs them toward you.

I’m an out-of-the-box thinker with guts.  I went after gaining an Understanding About Life with a vengeance, and I was triumphant.  Only success is a considered possibility and my copywriting will escalate your business exponentially because I figuratively turn myself inside out and weave truth into your copy.

I once learned that aggressive people always arrive early to their appointments and always have their projects done slightly ahead of time.  I started out aggressive; I retrained myself into assertive.  I consciously kept that on-time trait because I really like it.  It is professional, courteous, and reliable and so am I. Mostly, you’ll get your projects ahead of time.

It is said that the laziest person will figure out the most efficient way to get a task done.  That efficient part really sang to me the first time I heard it.  I prefer high volume requirements.  Busy destroys boredom, and efficiency allows for high volume output.  I can do the work of two in the time of one with a great sense of enjoyment from my side of the desk.

You’re curious by now, right?  You needed to find a copywriter, and you’re interested in my services.  So set up an appointment and maybe I’ll tell you more of my stories.  I’d love to hear yours!

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