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Five Tips To Get You Off The Self-Sacrifice Train

Lots of women sacrifice themselves on the altar of ‘should;’ they give up their passions, hobbies and interests one by one, to be able to get things done. They feel lost, eaten alive by what’s required of them.

The only thanks they get for all their hard work and sacrifice is burnout. If you’re one of these women, it’s time to get off the self-sacrifice train.

Here are five tips that might help you do that:

#1 Start saying NO to any tasks that aren’t yours; the things you end up doing because someone else is being lazy. Don’t use unclear messages either. Don’t beat around the bush, don’t try to sugar coat it. Say ”No” in a way they can’t misunderstand.

#2 Prioritize your to do-list. Get rid of what you don’t really have to do, what you hate to do, and the stuff that isn’t important to you.

#3 Get clear on when it what’s left actually needs to get done. Break down your tasks into smaller pieces to make them more manageable, and putt hem on your schedule

#4 Schedule time for yourself, to do whatever you want, to rest and relax. Self-care is essential if you want to avoid burnout.

#5 Stop worrying about what others might think, and stop beating yourself up for the things you don’t get done.

Linda Ursin

Linda Ursin

Today’s guest blog post comes from Linda Ursin,the Multi-Creative, Heathen Witch gone Magical Life Coach. She offers eclectic and creative women who are stuck in doing everything for everyone else and nothing for themselves a way out of the overwhelm that comes from over-giving.

Right now, she has a special offer for first time clients. You can find her at her, and on social media like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

If you’d like to submit your guest blog post, contact pat.matson {at}

Copywriting Services

This writing sample is from an earlier website of mine and it’s being inserted as my first Blog Post as another example of my work.

Copywriting Services

Pat Matson offers you a “write hand” for whatever copy you need written. I have developed a specialty of marketing writing for the internet:  freelance writing, website copy, marketing writing, ezine articles writer, article submission.

I can only call having Pat Matson as my VA fortuitous serendipity. Our relationship is collaborative and fun. Pat can take my ideas and weave them into sellable products. Pat helped me get my book published; she wrote the site copy for my website; she does article submission to promote the book sales, and assisted me in finding the other talent to complete my tasks that were outside her bailiwick. I could not ask for a more productive VA.
~ Len Stauffenger, Tax Atty, Author: Getting Over It!

Please visit my inquiry page for a project quote or to request references.

Website Copy: Please see Wisdom for Divorced Parents, Maria Khalifé, Change Coaching Institute, Custom Design Tile,  and Cornerstone Therapies. These sites provide ample writing examples.

Freelance Writing:  I have a special skill in writing copy for Life Coaches that requires a psychological, self-help or metaphysical basis. I can ghost write that book you so want to get done but haven’t had the time.  You can talk your key points to me and I’ll weave them into a book, workbooks, training curriculum, or other marketing pieces for you with 100% confidentiality. This is an area I enjoy in particular.

 Living out of the country and running several other successful businesses has made employing Pat Matson to help me develop my Change Coaching Institute business a real blessing.  Pat communicates her progress to me daily.  Pat’s skills and willingness have served me well due to my demanding schedule. Her own spirituality runs a parallel with my work and has been a godsend.
~ Maria Khalifé, Change Coaching Institute

Request for Proposal – While working for a non-profit as their Executive Assistant, I was the main coordinator and weaver for their RFPs applying for Grant Funding from the City of Los Angeles. We got one of the grants.

How-To Procedures Manual – While working as a temporary employee for Seiko’s Customer Service Department, I wrote a How-To Manual for the position I worked in.

Training Curriculum – I was hired as the first Sales Trainer at Micro-D in Santa Ana, CA.  Two months later, Micro-D merged with Ingram Computer and the skyrocketing began. I wrote the Sales Training curriculum, the exercises, and the role-plays.  This training was translated into French, Italian and Spanish for Ingram’s international sales locations. I became Sales Training Manager and subsequently supervised a team of trainers.   I also contributed a monthly column, Tips from the Trainer, to the company newspaper during my six years of employment.

I worked on the My English Book series of grade school grammar books published by Ginn & Co.

Proposals – As the Office Manager at a recruiting firm for IT professionals in Manhattan Beach, I assisted the sales representatives with their proposals.

User Manuals – One of my greatest accomplishments will forever remain behind my Secret Clearance. I can share only the highlights with you. I taught myself Word Perfect at this facility. One day, my boss came down and said, “There’s good news and bad news. Your clearance has come through.  You have three weeks to get the manuals done.”  In three weeks of late nights and early mornings, I wrote five manuals for the operation of five radar consoles using PDR and CDR presentations style and the help of a team of fabulous software engineers. I only wish I could show you. Our customer was thrilled.

Operations Manual – I assisted the President of American Bristol Industries with the Operation, Maintenance and Spare Parts Manual for their Model 6100 firefighting respiration machine.  While this was not marketing writing specifically for the internet, but it is freelance writing and identifies another writing project style.

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