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Need Some Relief from Politics Rubbing You Raw?

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It’s most sad to me how our current Administration has deliberately said one thing while doing the exact opposite. Even more sad to me are the folks who believe only what is said and who can’t see – or won’t look at – the contradiction in their actions.

I believe that folks aren’t looking deeply enough into history, their own souls, their belief philosophies, and the future of mankind before they go off the beam at another because that other happens to think differently than they do.

It’s a very sad day in America where you can be Unfriended in Facebook by expressing an opinion that opposes another’s take on a particular subject. When I grew up, most schools had a Debate Class and Debate Club for the very purpose of taking a different stand! What has happened to this wonderful country of ours that we cannot even tolerate an opinion that is different? Where’s the Oneness? I miss it.

I love everybody equally because I look at individuals’ insides which makes whatever is on the outside meaningless. I would love to see us set aside the Dash-Americans and only use the term American. I would love to see us set aside all the colors prefacing individuals and just use the term Individual. I would love to see our choice of Political Party be okay regardless of which party we favor. I want to see our country whole again, united again, one nation under God again.

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I believe we can have a grassroots swell of pride and oneness if we begin right here, right now and acknowledge each individual as ourselves: worthy, good, okay as is. I know for sure that when I was raising my sons, if I thought of either one as less-than in any way, I would see that ugly thought reflected in his actions, so I watched what I thought very judiciously. Why wouldn’t that work to heal our country?

Let’s start seeing one another as industrious, honest, good, productive, fun, loving, kind, etc. – in other words, as we’d like for it to be – and then expect that kind of idea to take hold and flourish. We don’t need the politicians to be one kind or another to get this job done. We can do it ourselves, one thought at a time, one individual at a time until the whole nation is affected. Wouldn’t that be such a relief?

Come on! Help me with this!

Does Heart-Based Entrepreneurship Exclude Pocket-Based Models, Part II ?

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If you missed Part I of this post, let me tell you the key pieces. Some key elements of a heart-based business are:

  • Not just about making money, yet profitable
  • One’s passion and one’s talents are aligned
  • Showing social responsibility
  • Having a double bottom line to include profit & social responsibility
  • Introducing spirituality into the workplace
  • Extending their services from a higher place
  • Based on high ideas – transformation via leadership, for example
  • Collaborate with customers and change if needed
  • The work reflects heart-based values of the owners

What heart-based entrepreneurs need to be profitable:

  • Understand just what her brilliance is and why it is worth the money she charges.
  • General business knowledge
  • Creative, out-of-the-box thinking that many entrepreneurs have


  • Do your research and learn what others are doing and if you’re up to snuff with your approach to business.
  • WANT TO more than anything else.
  • Study marketing and get totally comfortable with self-promotion.
  • Have a plan. It doesn’t have to be complex.
  • ALWAYS be taking some step from the plan.
  • Use your blog to build your reputation.
  • You’re the CEO now. It’s your attitude that tumbles downhill.
  • Exercise good business practices.
  • Be uniquely you in your approach.
  • Persevere.

Wishing you all the best, because you are, you know?

I love to write about mental concepts. I’d love to do that kind of writing for you in your business.  Please email and let’s talk about it.  My favorite tasks are creating blog posts, ezine articles, ebooks, books, autoresponders and curriculum.

Does Heart-Based Entrepreneurship Exclude Pocket-Based Models, Part I ?

heart based entrepreneur

We hear so much about heart-based entrepreneurs, and, frankly, I am one so it makes me happy this model is becoming so much more popular. But because I also know some wonderful heart-based entrepreneurs aren’t making as much money as they’d like, I thought it might be interesting to find out why not by comparing their model to those  that are more Pocket-Based.

Some of the key elements of a heart-based business are:

  • Not just about making money, yet profitable
  • One’s passion and one’s talents are aligned
  • Showing social responsibility
  • Having a double bottom line to include profit & social responsibility
  • Introducing spirituality into the workplace
  • Extending their services from a higher place
  • Based on high ideas – transformation via leadership, for example
  • Collaborate with customers and change if needed
  • The work reflects heart-based values of the owners

And here are some of the key elements of a pocket-based business model, which, BTW, seem to be fading a bit.

  • Top down management: CEO at the top
  • Hierarchical departments
  • About investment and the return on investment
  • Research based on target market needs
  • Sales and distribution based marketing
  • High volume
  • Analysis of all numbers and statistics

I’m chuckling because even the words used to describe the pocket-based model feel cold and uncaring to me. How did they hit you?

For a heart-based entrepreneur to earn money to support herself, it is essential that she understands just what her brilliance is and why it is worth the money she charges. This is one of the pieces – and I really mean that it is essential – to earn money.

Another piece is general business knowledge and creative, out-of-the-box thinking that many entrepreneurs have. Three pieces. You’ve got to have them all working full time to be a successful heart-based entrepreneur.


I love to write about mental concepts. I’d love to do that kind of writing for you in your business.  Please email and let’s talk about it.  My favorite tasks are creating blog posts, ezine articles, ebooks, books, autoresponders and curriculum.

Behind the Ghostwriting Curtain

Pat Matson, ghostwriterCan you keep your mouth shut and maintain the confidentiality of a client? Do you have writing skills? Are you clever and inventive because you find reading books your drug of choice? You might just have what it takes to be a Ghostwriter. And, as my brother has informed me, if you live in the mountains, you can be a “Ghostwriter in the Sky.” (My apologies to Vaughn Monroe who sang it when we were kids.)

I’ve been asked three times in the last month “How DO you ghostwrite a book?” so I guess there’s no time like right now to share that answer with everyone.

  • Have a passionate desire to write books.
  • Be thrilled every time you hear a cool book idea.
  • Love to write. Jones for your keyboard.
  • Invent clever way after clever way to approach a subject.
  • Appreciate this skill in others. (James Lee Burke, my hat’s off to you.)
  • Practice, practice, practice until it’s automatic.
  • Cherish the book in your hands after publication.
  • Find book ink and glue a sweet intoxication.
  • Brag often but with humility, which is after all, Truth.

That’s the overview, but I’m sure you wanted more details than that, so let me tell you one book ghostwriting story that has a most happy ending.

Ms. X connected with me via I’ve learned over the years as an online entrepreneur that if I don’t feel a “click” with a potential client, it’s not the right client for me. Boy, did we click! We talked way over the time in our first session. We formed an agreement of what was wanted, what was expected, how I could deliver, and a price. She signed my Agreement and we began.

Step one was listening to her story. She poured out her heart to me as I asked probing questions. It’s only that level of honesty that can turn out a valid product. As she spoke, I could “see” the Table of Contents for her book. It’s a skill I have. I call it Over Vision. I can see the whole project globally and then the steps to get that accomplished. There are hundreds of steps.

We went over the Table of Contents, manipulated the words until they said just what she wanted them to say, and I dove into writing. Before each chapter began, I’d email her the chapter title and say “Just write down in any format the key points you want this chapter to have.” She knew exactly what she wanted and sent back a plump paragraph containing her desires.

That’s when I went to work. The topic was in the self-help genre and that is my bailiwick for certain and for sure. I’ve spent since 1978 studying my Self and Life as a science and I ♥ ♥ ♥ writing in this category.

It wasn’t long before the book was done. Right about two months. I was so thrilled with it, because I’d written exercises with wonderful questions for the reader. If you read the book and answered the questions, there is no way your life wouldn’t be vastly improved.

That’s when the devil went down to Georgia. She showed the book to several whose opinion she respected, and they dissed the book! What? Impossible! I agreed to go over it again and re-edit it but I found very little in it that needed any changing at all. Unbeknownst to me, she had sent the First Draft to a notable unnamed public figure, and what to our wondering eyes did appear? An offer to be in an equally notable Book Club.

If it only ended there, that’d be enough, don’t you think? Such a splendid happening all by itself. Um hum. But no, there was more. That very notable figure asked another equally notable figure also unnamed here if he’d like to make a movie of the book. He jumped on it!

I’m happy with all that’s happened. I’m thrilled for her, because she’s working the law that the book explains. It’s gratifying to this ghostwriter to know so much is in the makings. Who is Ms. X? Ghostwriters never tell. That’s part of the ghostwriting game and I respect integrity.

It takes me at least two months to write a 200 page book when it’s in the self-help genre. When research is required, even more time is needed, but I’ve been a research librarian in my past and I love doing the research, too.

ghostwriter, pat matsonIf there’s a book inside you that you really want to work at getting  it delivered, you can check out our company with my partner Jamie Saloff at  And if you don’t want to write it yourself, but you still want or need it delivered, I’d love to chat with you about my ghostwriting services.

I can’t take your book to that very notable person but you can. She does know my name.


Your Mind’s Role in Writing Your Book

bookectomy One of the reasons Bookectomy’s course focused on the mental aspects behind writing a book is because they’re invisible. Unless we shine a light on them for you, you might not even think about them! Jamie and I think they are so important that we’ve made them part and parcel of the Bookectomy course, and we credit the accomplishment of our authors to these invisible contributors…. along with their writing skills and the ideas inside their books, of course.

What Are These Invisible Contributors?

To keep it simple, they are your thoughts and your feelings. Let’s look at each category individually.

Your Thoughts. Try to imagine yourself thinking like this:

  • Do you think of yourself as a successful or unsuccessful business person?
  • Are you frightened to allow yourself to think about “What if I don’t succeed?
  • Is pleasing someone in your life a driving force behind how you think about yourself and your accomplishments?
  • Do you visualize yourself too far down the ladder of success to ever become a famous author and up level your business?
  • Do you tell yourself mentally that you may not know enough to write a credible book?
  • Are your thoughts overwhelmed by adding book writing to your busy schedule?
  • Can you permit yourself to think that writing a book and then marketing it is something you can learn and accomplish?
  • What tragedies are going on in the world or your life that you think your book might alleviate?
  • If money was not an object, can you think yourself into the process of setting out to write a book about your expertise, re-branding your business, and then bringing your message to large crowds?
  • Imagine you are 75 years old and retired. What regrets would you be thinking about lack of fulfillment because you never wrote your book?

Your Feelings. Thinking (as above) always leads to some feeling. Have you ever felt like this?

  • My lack of success leaves me feeling perplexed about whether I should continue or quit.
  • I’m terrified to think what I’ll have to endure from family and friends if I don’t succeed.
  • My father would croak if I fail and it makes me feel sick to my stomach.
  • I feel heart-sick when I think about how far I am down the ladder of success and how far I have to climb.
  • My fears flutter around inside me and I don’t feel I can trust whether I have enough expertise to write a book.
  • I’m so tired now. How can I add writing a book to my schedule? It’s overwhelming.
  • I know nothing about marketing a book and that’s scary. I do know a bit about the writing bit.
  • I can see that what I understand can help people, but when I think about how to reach them, I draw a blank and my fear locks me into doing nothing.
  • I don’t know how much writing a book will cost me, so I just do nothing.
  • I’m going to feel so disappointed if I die with this book inside me still.

Bookectomy addresses all these fears, and Jamie and I help you to work through them. In addition to being transformative, our course will get that book delivered out of you if you follow all the instructions. In nine weeks, you will have delivered that Rough Draft.

Please join Jamie and me for our next Free Introductory Call. Go here and sign up and we’ll let you know when it’s scheduled. There ARE free replays.

Can You Delegate?

Call Replay BookectomyI feel confident that the majority of my readers already know that I’ve kicked off my newest business, Bookectomy, where Jamie Saloff and I can help you deliver that business book you’ve been carrying around for way too long in your mind.

If you missed our first free introduction call, you can sign up here and we’ll notify you when the next one will be. I can tell you from personal experience that my experience in writing a book promulgated so much change in my life.

Today, though, I want to talk to you about DELEGATION. One of the bigger reasons I’ve heard for why folks just can’t get that business book that will up level their business written is that they are too busy and they have no help, and they can’t afford to hire help. Can we take a look at those three….what shall I call them? Excuses?

I’m Too Busy. I feel confident that if I got too busy in my business, I’d resolve that in several ways. I’d ask my stay-at-home friends if they could do a few things for me. I’d ask my immediate family to take over laundry or meal prep. I’d go to the local junior college and I’d offer apprenticeships (free) for those who want to learn how to do whatever it is I need done. I’d hire my home cleaned and my yard maintained. I’d let my car go unwashed for a period of time. I‘d switch from cooked meals to bagged salads with cold cuts. I’d drink protein shakes and skip lunch hour. I’d contact a Marketing Professor and let his class take on my marketing as a case study.

There are a limitless number of resources to help you so you can free up one hour a day to write your book. Does your excuse still feel as valid as it did before you read this?

I Have No Help. Ask your mate and your children. Ask your parents. Ask your siblings. Don’t be proud. They all probably have one small hour they can donate to your cause because they love you, and don’t forget: it’s only until you get that book written. It’s not forever. Ask friends at church. Ask at your woman’s club. Ask other mother’s you’ve met at school. Ask your friends and your neighbors. Find a group of Seniors and ask them. Every time you ask someone, wait for their answer, and then ask the second question: Do you know anyone whom I might ask? Utilize the services of a temporary employment agency if you can’t find free help. Find a Virtual Assistant for just two months. Ask me for referrals. I know dozens of top notch VAs.

Help abounds. Become humble and ask lots of people. Go through your contacts and send out a global email asking for help for two months until you can get that book written.

I Can’t Afford to Hire Help. In only the LAST SENTENCE above would you have to spend money. All the other suggestions are for voluntary help.

It all boils down to a few Key Elements if you truly want to up level your business by writing a business book:

  • Do I really want to write this book now? I’ve run out of excuses.
  • Can I make this one activity the top task in my To Do list now?
  • If not now, then when?

Jamie and I want to assist you. The first thing you need to do is to sign up for our free introductory call and we’ll notify you when it’s scheduled. Just take a deep breath, and sign up. It’s your first step toward considering “Maybe now?”


Decisions and the Real Goal of Life

Making Decisions


I am the eldest of a total of five children. In that role, I was encouraged to assume the role of decision maker. As a decision maker, I think my practical nature entered in and made me look at the most important things to decide. It may also have been because of my lack of willingness. I’m not ashamed to admit it.

I can still feel that little-girl sense of indecisiveness. It felt upsetting. To get away from that discomfort, I rushed off to make a decision and get away from feeling uncomfortable.

Were my decisions always right and good? No, they weren’t. I made a lot of mistakes. Those mistakes again made me feel uncomfortable, and again, I rushed off to make a correction.

I discovered that in making that first decision, I tried to consider all the aspects, the fallouts, the repercussions that would happen when I made it, and sometimes, I failed to create a workable solution. You might think I’m speaking as an adult here, and I am, but I’m talking about a time when I was seven or eight years old.

From the first erring decision, I had to think through what else could go wrong as it had gone wrong the first time, and it made me stretch my mind even further.

Stretching your mind as a seven or eight year old is challenging due to my lack of experience, but as I got that experience, boy, did that stretching serve me well, because now I had a trained mind that could see a least two decisions down the road, sometimes three!

And that leads me to the topic, Decisions and the Goal of Life. My childhood challenges shaped me into a bottom-line thinker. What’s the real bottom line here? What really has to occur for this to be handled with finality? What is extraneous and unnecessary? That will take me off the path, and I am goal oriented if nothing.

Eventually, once I had a raft of decision-making accomplished, I began to ask myself questions beyond those things and into the realm of Life Itself. Using my decision-making ability, the questions about Life began to arise:

  • What’s the real bottom line here?
  • What really has to occur for this to be handled with finality?
  • What is extraneous and unnecessary?
  • How do you want to see this concluded?

I view questions as my savior, and I work to answer them all until I have no questions left. I am hoping my little procedure in this small piece of my life helps you in your life.

“We thought that we had the answers, it was the questions we had wrong.” – Bono

How Marilyn Trained Me to Notice

Notice the details

During my growing up years, my dad was a salesman. Worse than that, he was a commissioned salesman. That puts cold chills up my back even thinking about it. It also allows me to recognize his supreme level of confidence in himself plus his ability to sell and support a family of seven.

Because he was a salesman, he always read “Entrepreneur Magazine,” and he had tons of ideas from reading it. One of them was that I should become a door-to-door salesperson. I hated that idea, but between the summer of my seventh and eighth grades, I was forced to be just that.

The product was flexible wooden sandals called Flexiclogs. I am astonished that I even found many picture of them on Google, as I sold them in 1953! I just love the internet, don’t you?

I went from door to door in what I saw as an affluent neighborhood, and wonderfully, some ladies even bought them! It was amazing to me, because at that time, I did not have a sales mentality. Possibility thinking was in it’s incipiency in my young mind.

There’s just a big bunch about Life Itself that a young person doesn’t recognize, and the possibility that women might actually like these sandals, that they were very reasonably priced, and that they were delivered right to their door might have made me feel a lot more at ease with my mandate to sell.

I can see those details now, and there was another boon and blessingMissing You to my ability to encompass details courtesy of my dear friend, Marilyn. Marilyn has been gone for many years, but the memory of our friendship lingers on and I may cherish her even more now than I did then.

We owned a house together in Huntington Beach, and our neighborhood downtown had lots of construction going on at the time we bought. Sundays often saw us visiting model homes enjoying the design and looking for ideas for our own home.

When we came home, Marilyn would say something like “Do you remember the back splash in that second model?” I would draw a complete and total blank. By then, I had what I thought of as a big picture sales mentality. I looked at the big picture and not at the little details. Marilyn was an artist and she was detail-oriented.

Sales people are competition driven, so could I let her win in what I saw as the battle of the details? Heck no! So I trained myself to focus more on the details. It has served me well since then, and I’d like to give a shout out to my buddy, Marilyn. I hope I get to see you again someday to thank you for this gift.


In Memoriam – Mike Wetzel

For you who don’t know, Mike Wetzel was one of the victims in the San Bernardino shootings. Yesterday, there was a Celebration of Life here in the San Bernardino mountains for Mike. I attended with a friend who was once Mike and Amy’s (Mike’s first wife) neighbor.

There was an enormous amount of love in the room. Mike was remembered for his faith, his sense of humor, and his love for his family.

I suppose each of us will learn something different from this happening. I am sad that our political environment in this country unfortunately nurtures this sort of event. I’d love to see us return to “the land of the free and the home of the brave.”

The next burial I’d like to attend is the one for political correctness, because being PC has divided us in this country and turned brother against brother. It wasn’t always like this and I hope and pray the old way returns.

God speed, Mike. I know you’re okay where you are and the rest of us will muddle through until we join you.

God is a Principle to be Used


This is the season where celebrating Jesus’ birth is a mainstay in many homes. It was the mainstay in my childhood home, but I don’t live there any more.

Today, my concept of God is very different from my earlier one, and I’d like to share it with you during this season of Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men.

Jesus’ mother Mary was one of few women educated in the mysteries of her religion, and some have thought that she was a vestal virgin. To accomplish a purely mental (immaculate) conception, she’d have had to be highly unfolded in Life’s Truths. She was, and she taught these truths to Jesus, her virgin-born son. He did not have to go through what we have gone through: clearing out the erring human beliefs before we get to Life’s Truths because she told them to him without any filters.

There is a great deal of research around the concepts of Jesus’ growing up years. He was able to do what I have come to see as the norm from a very early age because Mary told him pure Truth from the beginning. He matured this truth, and then, as the foremost teacher, he brought it to the masses.

I have seen that the story behind the story is more accurate than the way the story has been interpreted by the churches. I am unconvinced that pure truth is being perpetuated inside the churches, although I’ll be the first to admit that pure hearts and pure intentions motivate those wonderful folks there. I simply don’t find an accuracy that works. Jesus said “I am come that you may have life and have it more abundantly.” Frankly, I don’t see church-goers having life and having it more abundantly.

I believe Jesus’ words and works have gotten lost in the translations, and they deserve a fresh looking at. If you are into serious research, consider find the now out-of-print book called “The Business Man of Syria” by Stocking and Totheroh and plow through it. It contains great enlightenment and is a metaphysical masterpiece.

The bottom line here – and it would take me years to share more about it – is that when Jesus said that the kingdom of God is within you, he meant it! That animating force, that power to create, that intuitive source, that all-might for good IS the kingdom. It is the God principle, and it IS inside of you right now. You may feel weak in the knees to consider such majesty, but in this season of Peace on Earth, Good Will to Men, this very truth is what good I will upon all of you who read this blog post.

It’s there. It’s possible to understand. Even better, it’s possible to learn how to use it the way Jesus set an example for all of us, and this is what I wish for you all. May your days be merrier and brighter than ever before because you’re doing what He said in the Spirit of Love he called “The Way.” Merry Christmas!





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