Self-Acceptance and Self-Worth turn into New Clients

I’m guessing that those of you who know me, know that I am a Walter Method Teacher of Eschatology. This study is my life blood. I pinch myself from time to time thinking how lucky I was to bring it into my life.

I’m telling you this because I’ve been busy for years and years correcting my sense of money, cash flow, finances. I haven’t done well in this arena, although here I am in my 70’s, still breathing, still earning a living, and not in debtor’s prison!

Two weeks ago, my Eschatology teacher (you bet your bippie I still study!) told me that it wasn’t about knowing there IS abundance. It wasn’t about claiming my piece of the pie.  It was about knowing the value of the work I do for my clients. It was about knowing the value of the sharing of my understanding with my family and friends.

Man, that resonated!  I decided to get busy and enumerate just what that value is. I keep a list of my character strengths and my virtues on the wall by my monitor so I can remind myself.  If you’ll look at the blog below this one, you’ll see my musings about the first half of what’s on that list.

I wanted to explain this process to you because I believe if you do the same as I did – give the good about you due notice – you might have the same results I did….and wouldn’t I just love that!  I manifested ten new jobs since I posted the blog below.

Ready?  Begin!

Why? Because Nobody Else is Me.

Pat's Write MindI’ve let go of the concept of competition when it comes to many things in my life, chief among them my copywriting business. Why? Because nobody else is me.

I’ve got writing skills, yes.  All copywriters have writing skills. But I’ve got something else that no other copywriter I know has, and I’d like to unzip and tell you about that part of me.

From my early days, I’ve been enamored with the idea of loving God and being good. What that means to me has changed over the years but the main concept has remained and gosh, has it been put to good use.

Spirituality is my drug of choice. For me, it’s not about church or any religious organization. For me, it’s about my salvation which I define as self-correction toward the effort of being, doing, and acting good.

It has served me well. I have unfolded a long list of virtues  and I want to explain some of them to you. Why? Because they get woven into what I write, and you and your clients are twice blessed because of them.

Understanding.  I believe I’ve gained a lovely understanding about life, why I’m here, why you’re here, and what it takes to have a successful earth experience.

Vision. I have the ability to see the whole picture of your business, how it fits in, what it has to do to be successful, and what are the pieces you’ll need to accomplish that.

Experience. I’ve been working either in corporate America or as an entrepreneur since 1967. I’ve learned quite a lot in all that time. I’ve held over 60 jobs. That’s a whole bunch of learning.

Humor.  I love to laugh, either at myself or at you. There’s no malice behind my laughter. It’s purely about delight and jiggling my belly muscles.

I Can See Patterns. I am a metaphysics teacher and I help my students by seeing the habitual patterns that aren’t serving them well. I point them outso they can see that they have other options. I can do this for my clients if they’d like, but I don’t force this on anyone. Some would be surprised to hear me say that I am capable of saying nothing.

Articulate. I never have experienced writer’s block. I am well-read, have an avid interest in the good, and I cannot fathom not being able to describe what I’m thinking or feeling in the yummiest words.

Compassionate.  I feel lucky to have my mind and my set of talents. I feel blessed. I know that some folks don’t recognize this in themselves, so I am compassionate and I’m very wont to point out their good from my perspective. Folks seem to enjoy this. “Do you really think so?” I hear so often.

Organized and Efficient. I think I’m a touch OCD, and I constantly look for the most efficient way to get a job done. Hence, coupled with my organizational skills, I have one  hefty output. I tune in to my spiritual self when I write and just let the words drip out my brain, over my shoulders and down onto the keyboard. It’s messy but effective.

Valuable. Here’s a big truth: next week, I’ll be 76 years old. Over all these wonderful, wonder-filled years, I’ve unfolded a boat load of understanding and skills. I bring tremendous value – no, I AM a tremendous value – to my clients.

That’s just about half the list. Trust me, there’s a lot more.

Now, I’ll tell you what I’m searching for:  I want to bring ALL THAT I AM to bear for one special client. I’m looking for a life coach who wants to kick it up a few notches. I want to write or re-write her website. I want to write her business book. I want to write her speeches and her class curriculum. She can tell me what else.

I know she’s out there and I’m convinced that she’s looking for me as well.

I can’t wait to meet you!  or 909-867-2413




A Business Approach to Thanksgiving Gratitude

We have come so far from the days of the early Pilgrims sharing their meal with the native Indians. We no longer have to plant or harvest the corn. We no longer have to hunt, shoot, and dress the turkey. There is so much ready-to-use abundance, and we have become accustomed to it along with a tendency to take things for granted. It’s never too late though to spend a little time thinking about gratitude even when it isn’t Thanksgiving.

Gratitude has a step preceding it that deserves some attention. That step is called recognition. It works like risers on a set of stairs: first there is recognition (this is the riser.) Following recognition is gratitude (this is the tread.) You can easily see that there is an upward ascension when you use recognition and gratitude and what a blessing you add to your life when you do.

Recognition and gratitude, though, are an individual business. They are always there, but you, the individual, would be well served to stop your busyness on a regular basis and hunt for them. Business women are always searching for, embracing, and putting the next good thing to work in their businesses. It’s equally good to enjoy a breather when you take a moment to recognize the good you’ve already accomplished and be grateful for it.

abundance, Pats Write MindWhy? Because your thought is causative. Because what you think about is what you get. When you’re busy being grateful, you’re also creating more that you can subsequently be grateful for. It becomes habitual and when folks look at you and think “Wow, is she lucky!” they don’t see how you’ve made recognition and gratitude an in-place habit.

I love turkey, cranberry sauce and sage dressing. I also love the cycles of the seasons that make the golden yellow oak leaves float down in the breezes and settle down to add their nutrients to my garden. I recognize the squirrels scurrying about and gathering this year’s abundant acorn crop to prepare for the winter. I can see the excitement building in my family as we plan and prepare for our Gratitude feast. These might seem small ideas in our busy working days, but they become part of the habit of recognition and gratitude that will eventually spill over into your business as more to be grateful for.

In Webster’s 1828 dictionary, recognition is described as Acknowledgment; solemn avowal by which a thing is owned or declared to belong to, or by which the remembrance of it is revived. That revival is an active thought spilling over into gratitude and creates a cycle of abundance. Webster has this to say about abundance: Great plenty; an overflowing quantity; ample sufficiency.

You want more clients in your business? You want more sales? You want to be better known? You want to enjoy a fabulous life and have a terrific retirement from the result of your labors? It all begins right where you are this very moment with the small steps of recognition and gratitude.

Take that first step of recognition. Allow it to follow through into gratitude. Don’t add anything negative to it like “It’s such a small thing.” Small things work to take you up higher, too. Allow yourself that stepping up. You will begin to see the expressions of abundance when you establish the habit of recognition and gratitude. Weave it into your day and it will sustain you as you do your coaching, sell your oils, put forth your teaching – all that you do. It’s a powerful albeit silent tool and during this season, it just seems natural to think about it.



I CAN Back It Up!

Yesterday, I read this quote from The Great One:

health, pats write mind

I thought to myself, “I Can!”  You are aware that I’ve  decided to share some of my secrets and the understanding I’ve unfolded next week in my “You Control Your Health” class. What you don’t know is the “I can back it up” bit, so here goes.

I’ve struggled with the concept of overweight all my life and I’ve worked on it from all angles, including “mentally.”  Mentally, I was able to drop 25 pounds overnight once! Trust me, I even shocked myself over that one. 🙂  Here’s another story:

I got a call from an Emergency Hospital saying my son had been hit in the head by a surfboard and I should leave work immediately. On the way there, I sent him healing thoughts. When I arrived, they apologized for calling me saying it was only a tiny flesh wound.

These are NOT coincidences! These are the Science of Life at use. THIS is what I teach and I want to share this ultra valuable commodity with you so you can control your life as I do mine.

Monday, May 8th at 9 am Pacific and Friday, May 12 at 3 pm Pacific are the times and I will be recording it, so get on the list!

Live Online Event

Does Truth Amaze You?

You’re going to be amazed at the truth you’ll hear, because:

  • You’ll immediately see how differently you’ve been taught in the past and
  • You’ll understand why changing how you think is going to change your health.

Guaranteed:  No Medical Costs Involved!

mind-body connection, PatsWriteMind

You’re invited to attend this FREE class next week and learn more about the Mind-Body Connection.

I am in great health at age 75 (I know, I don’t look or act it!) and I want to help others on the path of Truth to know how it’s done.

“You Control Your Health and I Can Show You How” is only for those who know they can handle the truth.

  • You’ll discover the power behind two words: I AM.
  • You’ll learn that your life is mentally controllable.
  • You’ll learn why it’s important to ONLY think what you really want.

Please join us. This hour can revolutionize your life.

Finally, Healing Without a Cost!

Pats Write Mind, health classI am in great health at age 75. I have studied since 1978 to learn how to do this and now I want to share my understanding with you.

You’re invited to attend this FREE class next week and learn more about your Mind-Body Connection.

“You Control Your Health and I Can Show You How” is only for those who know they can handle the truth.

  • You’ll discover the power behind two words: I AM.
  • You’ll learn that your life is mentally controllable.
  • You’ll learn why it’s important to ONLY think what you really want.
  • You’ll learn that with courage and understanding, you won’t need medical insurance any longer.

You’ll Learn, Practice, and eventually Master your control over your health. I can teach you how. It’s worked for me! Eventually, with enough understanding under your belt, you can kiss drugs and doctors goodbye.

This is my Life Passion folks, and it’s coming from a Lifetime of Learning, so please, won’t you let me share this with you? I’d love that.

(I’m having a technical glitch today, so please email me at choosing either May 8th at 9 am Pacific or May 12, 3 pm Pacific and I’ll add you to the list manually so I can send you my FREE gift today. Thanks for understanding.) Yes, both classes will be recorded.

If you are a heart-based individual (or you’d like to be,) and you know there has to be more than you already understand, you’re right. It’s in my class!

Love you,


Is Health the Default – the Norm – or is it Elusive?

When I taught the children in the Junior Church of The Science of healing, health class, Pat'sWRite MindMind of Whittier, CA  many years ago, I used to ask them one question every week:

What do you have to do to be perfect?

Now, I’m asking you: what do you have to do to be perfect?  Initially, only a few of the kids knew the real answer. There were lots of guesses and chubby little hands waving at me.  Do you know the answer?

You don’t have to do anything to be perfect. You already are.

It would take me much longer than one little blog post to take you logically through the steps of Truth to arrive at the understanding behind my answer. I can share a few of the ideas though.

The majority of us believe in some kind of God or Cause.  There’s too scientific a set of systems for there to not be some organized Cause in this world. The majority of us believe this God or Cause is good. I think the Cause is Goodness Itself.

If the Cause is Good and Goodness Itself, and that Cause is my Creator, wouldn’t I have to be Good and Goodness Itself to be entitled to that image and likeness? Yes,  I would and in fact I am, and in fact, so are you.

Here we are, you and me: Good and Goodness Itself intrinsically from the moment of our birth. But no one knew that! This kind of truth got hidden behind church organization and more’s the pity. The decrease in church attendance these days is proof that not enough folks are finding Life answers there.

I’d like to help you remove the veil over the truth that has been developed over the centuries so that you can own and utilize your perfect health that has been lying inside you awaiting discovery.

I want to show you how you’ve been operating your life from a belief only perspective and that there is another way – the way of the Understander. It’s more sure. It’s more guaranteed. You’ll find answers for all those questions you’ve got.

Pat Matson, copywriter, Pat's Write Mind, healthThis blog post is mainly a tickler. If you want to be absolutely certain you don’t miss out on my Life Aggrandizing classes, I’d recommend you FRIEND me at Pat’s Write Mind in Facebook or go to my website and sign up for my ezine. Maybe you should do both?

And if you know a friend who’d be interested in these topics, I’d appreciate it if you’d Share this Blog Post with them. Thanks.

Stay tuned. Lots of good stuff is about to happen soon.

How Do You Define Health?

Pat's Write Mind, healthThe reason I chose the name Pat’s Write Mind for my company might not be obvious to everybody unless you know me personally, so I’ll share it with you here.

In addition to being a copywriter, I am also a Teacher of the Walter Method of Eschatology, the Science Behind Life. They both bring me great joy, but the teaching is the greater of the two inside my heart.

You often hear me include some pithy saying in my Facebook posts and they come from the study I teach and from the understanding I have unfolded while immersed in it since 1976.

I am nearing the time for retirement, and instead of working to acquire new copywriting clients, I have decided to focus on starting up new Eschatology classes. I plan to continue with all the copywriting clients who’re my current clients until they choose another to assist them. I plan to foster the growth of those copywriting clients who’re in the queue when they decide to come aboard as well, but I’m not going to make any more specific marketing efforts to get any more copywriting clients.

I am working with a coach to develop two to four classes about spiritual concepts, mainly health, wealth, success, and happiness. There is such an affluence of sub-topics here that I’m quite sure it’ll keep me occupied for the next fifty years. I’m happy about that.

I’ll be creating an Event through Facebook using my Pat’s Write Mind page and in that class, I’m going to be teaching you Why Perfect Health Has Always Been Inside You, whether you knew it or not. I am going to be teaching you that you would be well-served to learn as much as you possibly can about your Inner Self – about your Being – because that is how you can govern your health.

  • You need to understand why Goodness is (and can only be) an Allness.
  • You need to understand how you measure up to that Allness.
  • You would be well served to learn how to think rightly since it is your thought that is creating your experience of health … or not.

This blog post is mainly a tickler. If you want to be absolutely certain you don’t miss out on my Life Aggrandizing classes, I’d recommend you FRIEND me at Pat’s Write Mind in Facebook or go to my website and sign up for my ezine. Shucks! Why not do both?

And if you know a friend who’d be interested in these topics, I’d appreciate it if you’d Share this Blog Post with them. Thanks.

Stay tuned. Lots of good stuff is about to happen soon.


Left Turns Permitted

Hello, my friends.  I have been somewhat irregular here on my blog. All excuses I might offer would only be a cover up for sloth. 😉 I have been busy though, sorting through some ideas, and I just wanted to give you a heads up about  my busy-ness.

I have been thinking about what I truly want to do going into the future and I’ve discovered what that is: teach more metaphysics classes.

Eschatology teacher, eschatology, pats write mindI am an authorized Walter Method teacher of Eschatology. Eschatology and metaphysics are big words that means I follow William Walter’s understanding about Life as a Science. I know how to heal so-called illnesses. I know how to reverse so-called poverty. I understand how to create a successful business. And for sure, I’ve got happiness wrapped  up.

I don’t do any of those via what you might consider traditional methods. I do them all using only my mind, aka – mentally. It brings me great joy to share my understanding with other people. I feel confident in what I teach because I have used my understanding and the results I get are my proof that it works.

Please continue to watch my blog here because I’m now working with a fabulous heart-based coach to develop and bring to y’all a series of classes that are pre-classes for the study. They’ll help you determine if the study is what you’ve been searching for.

  • If you are struggling with health issues, there will be classes about fostering health.
  • If poverty or “not enough” is your problem, my classes show you how to turn that around.
  • If your business has tanked, I’ll be showing you simple ways to resuscitate it.
  • If you find happiness elusive, I know where it’s hiding from you.

My grandmother was the village storyteller during her youth in Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata in Italy. I admired her stories so much, I became a story teller too. I love to use stories to make points clear, and we laugh a lot in my classes.  Make a note to watch for more posts!


Publish Snippet from Pat Matson, Author

Pats Write Mind, My Cats Have Seen Me NakedWelcome to a blog about my writing. Glad you’re aboard.  I’m going to share a few paragraphs from one of my books. Here’s one from “My Cats Have Seen Me Naked.”

This is a book about learning how to love myself while still moving about in a rather large body. It’s doable. I did it.

“We are an appearance-oriented society. We judge from our first five senses, and boy, can our judgments be harsh. You’re most likely reading this because you’re fat. You may even be obese. Either way, you know what harsh judgments are about.

The decisions I made about myself became set in stone as this is the way it is for me: I’m obese; I weigh 300 pounds and I wear a size 22. Diets don’t work any more for me. People judge me constantly by my appearance. Their judgment is often cruel. They have no idea how hurt I am inside. When I’m told to create a new picture of how I really should look, I cannot. I just don’t know what she would look like weighing 165 lbs and in a size 12.

I should tell you here, though, that although I hold those concepts about size and appearance about myself and I am working to change them, I do not hold the common concepts others have formed about obesity: I do not have high blood pressure. I do not have diabetes. I am fluid in my movements. I hold myself erect and I am more flexible than many thin people. I know I will never die from the so-called effects of obesity. For me, it’s not about internal conditions – it’s about size.

The Law of Cause and Effect

You’ve heard that such a thing as Cause and Effect exists. Do you know that it is one of the laws in this mental universe? That’s right. Cause and Effect is a law. In a mental universe, those who can think are the lawmakers, because thinking is causative. Let that one soak in on you. Maybe a re-read would help.

Your mind thinking has been causing things all along. It’s one of those invisible things I mentioned before. It causes your experiences. More importantly, it causes your appearance. Oh good grief! Can this be true? You better pray that it’s true, because it’s your way out.

I’m here to tell you that it is true. Your thought is causative and what it causes is called the effect. Here it is in a very simple description.

Your mind is Cause. Everything you can see is Effect.

If that is surprising to you, let yourself exhilarate in a moment of joy, because this knowledge is the beginning of solving the problem of your mistaken sense of obesity.

Good, Mental, and Individual

The part of you that thinks is one of the things I refer to as invisible. Pats Write Mind, My Cats Have Seen Me NakedThis part of you is spirit itself and it is goodness itself. You are goodness itself and you are just so loveable.

I learned that the invisible part of me that is spirit and goodness itself is untouched by what happens to my appearance. It’s inside me, patiently waiting for me to discover it. I learned that my mind is conscious. Ask yourself: Am I conscious? You’ll get an answer and then you will know that you are mind and conscious, too.

I learned that as well as being conscious, I was also consciousness because only consciousness could have answered my question. Being consciousness makes you and me mental individuals. If you can think, you must be mind itself, because only mind can think.

You are good. You cannot be evil. If you think that God is good, perhaps goodness itself, with what could he possibly create evil? It’s simply not possible. He does not possess the raw ingredients. He’s only got Good to work with.  Most religions teach that God is the Allness of Good.  In this allness, you’d have to ask yourself “With what in that Allness of Good would God have to use to create evil?”  I say there is nothing.  And if there is nothing, what would God create from that Allness of Good?  Only what is good. I say there is no evil strongly in the face of stories about the devil that have been wrong for centuries and that we all swallowed whole without using our ability to reason to see how little sense they make.

The Bible tells us that God is of too pure eyes to even behold evil! So if the Bible is correct, and even God cannot look upon evil, then I think the writer’s are saying there is nothing evil to behold. Evil is the absence of good. There is only good, and you are that. For my money, believing that a good God creates, permits or condones evil is like saying that black is also white; that fat is also thin; and that good is also evil.  It just doesn’t make common sense! I know some of you are now thinking about terrorists and car accidents and dead babies. I won’t begin to explain the good inside those seemingly evil things.  I will only say that you have to take the long view to see that good and frequently it takes a long period of time as well.  I realize more explanation might be required.

If you can embrace this concept, you have taken one more step along the path toward complete understanding and one more step toward freeing yourself from the mistaken idea of obesity you’ve got wrapped around yourself.

You are an individual. You came through to this life as an individual and you are going to leave the same way – as an individual. So if the alpha and the omega of your life is individuality, so is all the stuff in the middle. You are out there thinking and deciding on an individual basis. Should I believe this? Could this be true? Ah, yes, I like this one. I believe it. Oh no, this one is silly. I don’t believe it. This is how your individuality works inside your mind.

I learned through study and through using those lessons that goodness, mentalness, and individuality are the foundation of life being both mental and a science, a science understandable and useable for the betterment of your health, wealth, and happiness.”


I wrote this book in 2006. I began to lose weight after I processed through all this. To date, I’ve lost 80+ pounds and I’m still losing.


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