Punxsutawney Phil is One Hell of a Teacher

Did you know I’m originally from Pennsylvania?  Yep. Born in the Charleroi-Monessen Hospital in a century far away.  I lived in PA for my first seventeen years and from that environment, from my parents and schooling came the great moral compass I now live. And I grew up with Punxsutawney Phil the predicter who pointed me at actual creation …and possibly you, too.

Punxsutawney Phil

Punxsutawney Phil

Poor old Punxsutawney Phil, Pennsylvania’s seer groundhog, is getting a bad rap these days due to unprecedented snowfall.  And all of that unprecedented snowfall, no doubt, is due to global warming. Wink, wink.

Ole Phil has reminded me about a topic though that I thought I’d blog about for you, laying out a bit of wisdom and experience. Even as a child, I thought that a groundhog predicting anything – let alone the weather that even the weather experts have a hard time with – was pure balderdash. So when the PPhil idea surfaced yet again, I got to thinking:

Can anybody predict anything?

For example, can a fortune teller tell the future?  Do the skills of intuition, precognition and reverse viewing actually help you in your right now today moment? If you get to the point where you have a mental image firmly fixed in your mind, and you think the ideas supporting that vision’s picture, are you a mentalist or are you simply working the process of creation?

I am a wiser woman than I was 30 years ago.  I can see how an individual is behaving and, due to my experience alone, I can see the direction he’s headed and what could be at the end of that road.  What about you?  Do you rely on others to tell you what’s coming up for you?  Or do you understand that you can actually create it through your thinking?

How to Create Using Your Mind

I’m going to share a process I understand and use to have whatever you’d like to have in your mind so that old Punxsutawney Phil, the local fortune teller, intuitives and wizards can take a hike and you can lean into your own sweet self for whatever you want.

  1. Desire it.  Desire conjures up a picture. Hold that picture in mind steadily.
  2. Think it.  Think every good thing you can conjure up about your desire.  Examine its many aspects. View it through each of your senses. Just know it’s coming in closer to you.
  3. Feel it.  Once you can come to a conclusion that you have it, that your thinking is creating it, it will appear.  Only two things can prevent this process and they are doubt and fear. You are controlling the whole thing.

Right thought requires a right thinker and thinking takes work.  So when I say “think it” I’m not talking about the occasional idea wafting idly through your mind.  I’m talking about sitting down and thinking it and thinking it



and thinking it and thinking it and thinking it.  This is the mental work I’m talking about. If it hasn’t shown up yet, you haven’t done enough mental work. Let’s all thank Punxsutawney Phil for reminding me that predictions are unreliable but your mental work is reliable.  And I think when Jesus said “Greater things than this shall ye also do,” I believe this is what he meant. Me? I’m planning to continue doing the do until I get as good at this as he was and can manifest what I desire instantaneously.  It’s a worthy goal.

When You Need to Hire A Copywriter

RobinHheadshotWhat scares you the most about hiring a copywriter? What makes you hesitate? Come on now; be honest within yourself.  I can’t see what you’re thinking here, and anyway, I wrote this some days before today so you’re safe.

What does thinking about the copy you know you need to write do to you?  Does it make you step backwards? Does it make you grasp your temples, headache style? Does it make you search rapidly for other things you know just have to be done first?  Do you just groan and lower yourself into a chair, determined to knock it out?  Call a girlfriend?

And what does thinking about writing copy for my clients do to me?  My heart swells with joy. It’s always springtime when my fingers hit the keyboard.  I gratefully rejoice for my skills and my knowledge and my vision that allows me to see what needs to be easily done. I smile. I laugh. I enjoy long lunches with a good book and my cats in my lap.  I adore copywriting.

Do words come easily to you? They do for me.  It’s like turning the faucet in a soft-freeze ice-cream machine and out come something delicious.  Maybe that happens because I’m strongly opinionated.  Maybe it happens because I’m intelligent and have an arm’s length of skills. Maybe it happens because of all my years of experience.  And maybe it happens because that is my norm.

Do you have something in your life that you are darn good at, so good that you don’t even give it a second thought; you just do it.  And you do it easily, and well, and wonderfully?  Is that ringing bells with you?  How do you do that thing you do?  You don’t really know; you just do it.  That’s how writing is for me.  I am no slouch when it come to speaking, but writing – ah, now that is silken comfort glide.

Writing is my natural talent.  Being the eldest in a large family demanded that I become a decision maker.  I’m half-German, and that half accounts for the hard-working discipline.  If you also take into consideration my years of experience, you get www.PatsWriteMind.com , and you get me, the copywriter. (The other half is Italian – that’s the part that makes it all fun!)

I don’t want to bore you by listing all the things I’ve written in my career, any more than you’d want to bore me by sharing all the hot tips you have about coaching or the glories of your entrepreneurship.  Oh, you really do want to know?  Okay, here’s a short list.

  • Articles
  • Autoresponders
  • Bio creation
  • Career Profile
  • Correspondence
  • Curriculum
  • eBook creation
  • Editing
  • Ghostwriting
  • Marketing Materials
  • Newsletters
  • Policy & Procedure Manuals
  • Product Development
  • Proofreading
  • Teleclasses
  • User Manuals
  • Your Book
  • Website Copy
  • White Papers

You know – and I know that you know – that you really want to talk with me about helping you.  I want you to know that when I write, except for the occasional cat who wants to lay on my left arm while I’m typing, I am really productive.  No water cooler hangouts in my business.

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The “Who Are They” Segment I Promised You.

Who do they think they are?

They’re ruining the country.

They should do something about this.

They ought to be strung up.

I promised you to talk about “they” in my second blog post in January and here it comes. But before you read on, you truly must go back to the previous post and catch up on the ideas. They are crucial to understanding what I’m saying next.  Just scroll back one post.

You’re going to have to suck in some big air to embrace this next one, but it truly is as freeing as my not having to look at sage green and goldenrod colored clothes anymore were. You did go back and read that first post, didn’t you?  All right. Take a deep breath.

Could These Be They?

Could These Be They?

One of the most productive aspects of our creative minds is our sense of expectation. Your mama taught you that first lesson out of the chute:  you can expect to be fed when you communicate your hunger.  And the next bottle, and the one after that.

As you grew up, you were not told that you are a self-sufficient, mental being, fully self-contained.  Heck, lots of folks still don’t know that, and it’s the total truth.

As kids, we used our sense of expectation to generate a lot:  Christmas gifts, games to play, friends to enjoy, cousins to love, meals that we enjoyed, lessons learned in school and those are just the good ones.  Some of us learned to expect things like: allergies for certain plants (and then we memorialized it every single year afterwards); so-called hereditary things like obesity or cancer or diabetes (I was SUPERB at this one!); a mindset of poverty (although abundance is the norm); abusive relationships, etc.  I don’t want to go too far down this negative path.

And some of us learned to actually see that we were expecting things into existence.  So if you take our first two ideas from the previous blog post (my thinking was what was causing everything in my life + I’m IT) and you add expectation to that, well, guess who that leaves in charge of my life, my experience, my present, past and future?  Ayup!  That’d be ME again.

How did I begin to consider the “they” stuff?  Who do they think they are? They’re ruining the country. They should do something about this. They ought to be strung up.  ME again!  All me.  I was the one thinking there was something out there called “they” and that this “they” had some kind of power over the thinking, expecting, self-sufficient ME.  Wrong, Patty girl.

  • Who do they think they are? They are only who they think they are, and they have nothing to do with me because I am a thinking, expecting, self-sufficient mentality and I can choose what I want to think completely distanced from “them.”
  • They’re ruining the country. If that’s what I want to expect, then that is what I’ll get!  Much better to think something else. Let’s see; what could that be?  How about the country is based on good principles and those principles will always win out over any kind of attempted ruination!
  • They should do something about this. No, no, no!  Nobody else should do something about anything.  I am the only one who can do things about what is in my life experience and because I know “I’m IT” and I can expect and think something into existence, what do I want to do about whatever?  I’ve got my vote and I vote for (fill in the blank.)
  • They ought to be strung up. There are these really cool divine laws that govern ALL.  And I’ve been told that “ALL means ALL.”  No exclusions.  Wishing somebody else strung up is a waste of time: divine law’s already got it, so why waste your breath wishing the law would happen.  It will.  It can’t NOT.  So then turn that strung up message on you.  What is there inside of you that should be strung up?  Yeah. Let’s work on that – something you can actually do something about.

She steps off the soap box, wishing, hoping, praying this thought-food sang in your hearts.

I am a copywriter by trade.  I specialize in blog posts, ezine copy, autoresponders, white papers, and curriculum and while this blog post might be a bit extreme for your business, I can show you some with gentler messages.   You can contact me here.

What is “It” and Who Are “They”?

I hate it. Who do they think they are?
It sucks. They’re ruining the country.
It makes me mad. They should do something about this.
I hope it goes away. They ought to be strung up.


Have you heard this type of saying like….all your life?  I surely did, and then one day, lo and behold, I figured out what “it” is and who “they” are.  Want some insight into this?  Well, read on.  I’ll talk about ”it” in this week’s Blog Post and about “they” in the next one.  You won’t want to miss it, so be sure you’re subscribed and they’ll come right to your Inbox. There’s a subscription under Never Miss a Post along the right side.

Discovering the true meaning behind life has helped me so much.  I’m more confident; I feel more capable; I focus more easily because I know what to not pay attention to; and I’m a happier lady.

I compare this to learning about my colors some years back.  There was once a trend or I guess you could call it a fad that wearing the right colors would make things flow more harmoniously, and boy, did it ever!  The presenter analyzed my skin tone, and told me I was a cool winter. This means that jewel tone colors like royal blue, emerald green, black, burgundy, etc. look good with my skin tone.  I shouldn’t wear creams, browns, taupe, coral, goldenrods or coral.

wintercolorsHow did knowing that help me?  Ladies, I can go into a department store, sweep the room with a glance, and based on color, know precisely which rack I need to peruse.  This eliminates hours of looking, hoping, wishing and praying, let me tell you!

Gaining an understanding about life has done that same thing for me.  I found out that once you know the right answer (like knowing the right color) you automatically know all the wrong answers (the wrong colors) and you don’t have to waste time thinking about them any more.  Sweet!

One of the best things I figured out happened early in my childhood. You probably learned it too, but you didn’t see the ramifications until you matured.  Did you ever play a game where the other side ran up to you, touched you and yelled “Tag! You’re it!”  That’s what I learned.  I’M IT!  I’m it for me and for nobody else is.  I’m completely responsible for me and my life and nobody else is responsible. Once I matured and I figured out that I’m It, I gave up the blame game and I gave up making excuses, because I’m It!  There isn’t anyone to blame or make excuses for except ME.

And then I learned that my thinking was what was causing everything in my life.  So if you take that idea and you marry it to “I’m It”, I knew for sure that there was only one girl I could look toward to make things any better.  Yes, if I thought it and I was IT, and I didn’t like what was there, well, I saw only one way to fix it:  think something else!

That’s kind of a lengthy setup and thanks for indulging me because this is really going to be two blog posts when I get done, and we’re not there yet.

In my original examples of I hate it. It sucks. It makes me mad. I hope it goes away. Based on my thinking was cause and I’m IT, what was this “it” that I hated; that sucked; that made me mad; that I wanted to wish away?  Here comes the zillion dollar answer:

“IT” was the result of my own thinking!

I now knew that I could change my thinking and change the results I got, so there was nothing for me to bitch about any more….because my thinking was causing it and I was IT.

The next blog post will be about the infamous they.  Y’all come back now; you hear?

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The Uniqueness of Individuality

patswritemind_transparentA truly strong and sound mind is the mind that can equally embrace great things and small. ~ Samuel Johnson

I passed out copies of my book  My Cats Have Seen Me Naked   over the Thanksgiving holiday to my friends and business associates. As with many things like this, many were called but few actually chose to download the book; fewer still, to actually read it and then send a few words my way.  The following morning, I got a lovely email from a friend who actually began to read the book.  She is a courageous copywriter as I am, and she said: I have read through about page 202 and had to stop only because there came a point in there where we parted ways belief-wise.

My only option now is to write about the glory of Individuality. See how individualityimportant I think Individuality is? I capitalized it! Let’s define Individuality and see if you can fall in love with it as much as I have. I often refer to it as the uniqueness of Individuality.

Individuality is one of the key three ideas we must all, eventually, understand, embrace, love, enjoy and learn to use. (The other two, I’ll tell you about in later posts; promise.) Life is individual. I am going to use myself as an example, but feel free to think about the uniqueness of your own Individuality. For sure, you’ve got it, too!

I am. I exist. I’m alive, so I must be Life Itself, because if you can figure out what else Life can do but live, I’d love to hear it. There is me, being, and alive. I love to think about My Being. Imagine: just the power there is in the very fact of Being. To be is a precious gift; to be alive adds another layer; to be thinking adds another layer. What this does for me is to acknowledge the truth that my very existence – all by itself, alone – is glorious, special, a fabulous fact. All this is part of my Individuality.

Many years ago when I first tried to wrap my mind around these kind of ideas, I did this mental fantasy trip where I was all alone in the world – just me thinking. I had closed my eyes and I found myself immersed in a warm, pale gray sea that felt yummy. I just sat there under the water being. I remember thinking “I wonder what it looks like out there” – as if there even was an out there – and I opened my eyes. I could see across the sea of bubbles and a short distance away, there was an island with a beach. I thought “I am; I am alive.” And what happened next, impacted me. Grass shot up on the island. I thought, “Gosh, there is a relationship between what I think and what happens in my experience.” I found that mind-boggling at the time. Me and my little, mental, Individuality experience. J

There is me and my Individuality just the same as there is you and your Individuality, just the same as there are millions of others and their distinct Individualities. And I think it is the Individuality we share that makes us all One.

What’s tucked into my Individuality? Well, um, everything! This little earth experiment would be a cruel, mean joke if we weren’t capable of providing all we needed, and we can for sure. We just have to turn within – you remember within, where we were told the Kingdom of Heaven lives? – and there it is!

I discovered that my Individuality is good because I come from goodness itself and I know for sure it’s mental, because I can use it when I use my mind. It’s the ultimate in designed self-sufficiency, this Individuality thingie and I really like it.

So when my friend said we had to part due to beliefs, was I angry, upset, disappointed or some such? Heck no! She was expressing her unique Individuality. I honor Individuality in all others because Individuality is who you are, what you have unfolded to this date, and all that remains to be unfolded when you understand more. No reason to quetch over anybody else’s stuff. It has nothing to do with me except to provide me blog ideas where I can share my understanding with you.

In the 1950’s – yes, you little whippersnapper, I can remember that far back – there was a song “No Man Is an Island; No man stands alone.” It’s true that each of us is alike; each of us has Individuality; each of us can use it as we wish; each of us can choose to NOT use it if we wish. It contains the allness of what is good and true. It is the essence of our Being. It is, IMHO, Supreme Being Itself – Emmanuel, God within us.

Our beliefs don’t separate us, Jeri. They don’t even go out from one to the other. They lie within our Individuality and because we have that in common, they unite us in the brotherhood of man. Hugs. Love you, girl.

Please visit www.patswritemind.com if you need a deep-thinking copywriter.

A Thoughtful Christmas Eve


I love the Christmas season.  It’s a time when love permeates so much of what I do, and what I observe in other people.  Of course, commercialism is still out there in the mix, but because my family and I have agreed to keep the gift-giving limited this year, we’re not indulging much in the rampages of shopping.

I got reflective about Christmas this week.  There are the lasagnas I’ve made and frozen. There is the Christmas Moose with many of his gifts and more coming when family arrives tonight. And there are cookies: lordie, are there cookies….and cherry/chocolate fudge, just waiting for that first slice.  What else is Christmas about?

jesusteachesI know that thinking this one particular day was Jesus’ birthday isn’t accurate, but the holiday IS based on his birth and his teachings and his life. I think you’d agree with me.  And you’d also have to agree that he was one fabulous teacher, regardless of what else you believe true about him.

In my life, that’s how it started, with religious beliefs and a healthy dollop of Santa Claus thrown in. I could hardly sleep on Christmas Eve as a child with visions of tomorrow’s presents whirling in my head. To heck with sugarplums!

Our family went to Aunt Ida’s and Uncle Merle’s for Christmas Eve dinner and then we all went to midnight mass.  Gifts didn’t even appear until Christmas attickeymorning, although honestly, my sister and I knew where our mother hid the attic key. When she left us to babysit our sibs while she went shopping, heh, heh, heh, up we flew.  I could pick off Scotch Tape and re-tape packages adroitly by the age of nine.

My six years in the convent were more about worship than presents, although we did get a few.

But then I rebelled. I left the convent, eventually left the Catholic church, and weaved my husband’s family traditions into my own for Christmas.  They did their party on Christmas eve, and I made that switch which really worked out well due to the two-family holiday obligations now.

I don’t reflect on Jesus’ birth as I once did around the Christmas season.  For me, it’s as much a reflection of selfless love as it ever was when there was more church in my life.  It’s become a way to say “I love you” in a special way on this one day.  I can honestly say that from the day when I became a mother, there wasn’t one day where I did not think about my sons with a loving, grateful heart.  Being a mom is one of my greatest privileges and I absolutely adore the experience and them in it.

Thad & Seth

Thad & Seth

I thought I had joy knocked with my sons, but when my grandsons came along, well, it was a wholly  different experience. Without much forethought, I felt as if my life was complete and since it looked as if my sons weren’t going to belly up to the bar, I was contented.  I didn’t think I needed grandchildren to feel complete.

When they actually did show up, the love that ignited in my heart at the birth of my sons again reignited, and it surprised me a lot.  I simply had no clue, and my two already-grandma sisters hadn’t shared with me.

There will be eight of us tonight (I had three cancellations.)  And it will be filled with moments of great joy, which is my wish for you as well. And on Christmas Day, I’ll be with four other friends. A lot of love will abound, which is my wish for you as well.

I believe Jesus spent his life trying to teach us all that “greater things than this shall ye also do” because we are all “sons of God.”  This is my wish for you as well. ♥

My Christmas Gift to You about Gifts

christmas2It’s coming up on Christmas in just a few days. Are there visions of sugar plums dancing in your heads, or is it the clutter of the fixing, the wrapping and the doing that precedes this wonderful holiday swirling in there?

I wanted to give you all a gift for Christmas from Pat’s Write Mind, and I’m reminded of one of my favorite St. Peter quotations: Silver and gold I have none; but what I have, I give to thee.” What I have is understanding, and that’s my gift to you for Christmas: my understanding about gifts.

From the very beginning of our lives, we get to experience gifts, and for the most part, it is a very pleasant experience. I always had to pray for “no coal” though, being the hellion I was as a kid. As we got older, we got to be more specific about what we wanted. Based on our parents’ financial status, we were either happy or sad. And Santa is all mixed up in that particular soup, too, wouldn’t you agree?

We became adults and we moved out on our own. Our need – our desire – for “things” grew and grew and grew. We had to furnish our apartment. We needed work clothes. We wanted to find the perfect gift for the person we were dating. If you eventually got married as I did, the gifts – the things – got bigger. We wanted our own homes; jewelry gifts were superb; we needed appliances; our car has to be ‘the one.’

Television played an enormous role in our getting of gifts and things. Unless we had the ability to reason deductively, we swallowed all of those commercials whole, and we focused our desires on what they said we just had to have.

I’d like to suggest that there was something going on behind the scenes of which many of us weren’t aware, but from my perspective (and please remember: this blog is about sharing the understanding I’ve unfolded in my lifetime) this thing behind the scenes is of critical importance.

It’s called The Law of Cause and Effect. I teach metaphysics and because it’s so dear to my heart, I talk about it a lot. I frequently ask people if they’ve heard about The Law of Cause and Effect. Who hasn’t? They generally say “Yes.” And then I whip out my mind-boggler of a follow up question: “Do you know what Cause is?” They generally say “No.” This is where my jaws get all juicy!

It’s so important in this life to understand The Law of Cause and Effect because if you did, you could manifest for yourself any gift you could ever want from right now until the day you decide to move on.

Sometimes, I tell people that finding that answer for themselves will lead them down pleasurable paths of satisfaction, love and joy. So I don’t tell them what the answer is because self-discovery is so much better than being told.

But I’ve been watching the numbers of those who read my blog posts. I’d like to think that the select few are people who are genuinely interested in the good about which I write, so for you, my peeps:

The one and only Cause is you, thinking.

This adds a lip-smacking goodness to that old saw “What you think is what you get,” don’t you agree? And it makes of Mr. Shakespeare one brilliant understander for his “There is nothing either good or bad but thinking makes it so.”

Don’t kill the messenger! TEST the premise. Sit down and think about something good that you desire, and think it to the point where you have no doubt and no fear that it will manifest in your life. This takes practice, so don’t get all snotty when it doesn’t happen right out of the chute. Keep in mind how many tests Edison went through to invent the light bulb.

Begin with something really small, something that won’t intimidate you, like $5,000,000 would. You’d be filled with self-doubt over that one! Add a strong expectation that your desire will manifest and keep looking for that good.

Because when that manifestation happens strictly as a result of your thinking it into being, the whole world tilts for you. You become King (or Queen) of the Heap. You’re Top Dog of the World because, hey, if you can manifest this little thing, what about all the other things standing in line wanting to come into your life experience?

I’m not going to say it’s easy in the beginning, because it takes assiduous work. Like any science, the work of metaphysics gets easier with use, trial and error, and dedicated application.Christmas1

So there you are: my gift of understanding to you. I hope it sings to your soul. Merry Christmas, and I do say Merry Christmas because the wonderful teacher behind Christmas is the one who taught this best and I appreciate that.

The Story of the Monster in my Closet

monster2I love sharing what I’ve learned in my earth experience; hence, this blog. One of my all time favs is self-correction.  Did you just go throw up in the trash can? Hey, we all have our propensities and this is mine. I decided in the seventh or eighth grade achieving a high ideal, one that would please what was then my concept of God, was the ultimate in decision making, and that’s the direction I took.  I wanted to eliminate the monster in my closet. Okay, okay – monsters.

From 1955 until now – hellaciously long period of time, isn’t it? – that one little decision has led me up hills, dragged me through mud, pushed me into wind tunnels, hugged me with delight. And hindsight is what’s telling you this because if I’d have known this up front, I would have made a different decision.

I entered the convent and became a Catholic nun out of that decision.  Now THAT was one heck of a learning!  After that I tried marriage and children.  After 46 years of watching them grow, I am still getting lessons out of that decision.  Single parenthood held me in its thrall and to a lesser degree, still does.  Being a solopreneur heaped on plenty of  lesson, that’s  for sure.

The catalyst for the most growth, the best opportunity for serving the highest concept of good, was studying and teaching Life as a Science.  I know it curdles some folks’ toenails to even have to read the word metaphysics, yet that is my field. It’s one of those rejected cornerstones, you know? And it’s all about that self-correction I mentioned earlier.

When you learn to work in the mental, no one can see what you’re doing.  You’re frequently criticized for doing nothing, when in truth, you’re working your butt off!  And what is the work? It is to correct the mental mistakes you’re making – the things you learned from your parents, teachers, ministers, friends, lovers and relatives that were mistakes – the mistakes you embraced and swallowed whole without examining them because you trusted their source. Those mistakes have a name. They’re called erring human belief.  They need to be corrected, because that’s why we’re here, IMHO.

Since 1977, I’ve been working at this and I have to brag when I tell you, I’ve unfolded Truth rather handsomely. I’m not close to completion.  I still have issues that have to be dealt with. What I’ve learned is that the more fear that surrounds a topic, the more I push it to the bottom of the list.  Well, when you’ve been at it for as long as I have, you do get to clean up a few things and there, in the bottom of the bucket, are “the monsters in the closet.” My monsters are the things I didn’t want to look at; I didn’t want to correct.  To be more accurate, they were there because I was afraid of looking at them; afraid of making the correction.

Thought is causative.  Did you know that?  Yep.  What you think really is what you get. If you’ve got a monster in your closet, you cannot NOT think about that monster, so thinking more about it makes the monster larger than life.

Want to know how to kill the monster in the closet?  Don’t feed it.monster3 

Go to the exact opposite idea your monster represents and think only that. For example, if your monster is poverty, then think only riches. The monster will die from lack of attention. Scout’s honor!

Pat Matson is a copywriter for coaches and entrepreneurs. When you need copy written, connect via pat.matson@gmail.com. 

The Ego: Another Perspective

This is a Guest Post from Arlene Arnold.

bluesmileyArleneUnbalanced Ego is not just seen in those who try to control their world and yours, but can also be seen in those who put themselves down.  Ed and Deb Shapiro talk about this in their latest blog:

“But the ego can be equally as powerful in a negative form, seen in those who are always bringing attention to their woes, to poor me, or who think they are powerless and worthless, for this is just as self-centered. The purpose of the ego is to be in control, so it makes us believe we are the cleverest, best informed and most important as easily as it makes us feel unworthy, unlovable, and certainly not good enough to be happy. The ‘poor me’ ego is just as big as the ‘I’m so powerful’ ego.” http://revolutionarymindfulness.com/blog/

How then do you shift this unbalanced focus?  It certainly doesn’t work to try to curb the ego or ignore it!

The unbalanced ego is in survival mode.  It will do whatever it can to get attention.  It feels like it will disappear unless it is noticed!  Much like a child that has been ignored, it will have tantrums or push its way into the spotlight however it can.

Bringing the ego into a balanced state first requires that it feel safe and cared about.  Oddly enough, this can only be done by you.  Others can help, and often times we need outside influence to start the ball rolling, but in the end, like a child, the ego looks to you for reassurance as if you were its parent.

How do you do that?  First you pay attention to how the ego is acting.  You acknowledge the imbalance. You get real about your internal needs.  In other words, you listen to the ego; you take it seriously.  But, you do not let it take over.  Instead, you fill its needs in healthy ways.

This may sound easy, and it is, but it does take your time and attention.  In fact, it may be your most important focus.  If the imbalance persists, you may need some additional guidance.

Over the years, I have found some simple ways to shift the energy of the ego.  Some of it involves color therapy and other methods I call Inner Reality Therapy.  All of it involves creating balance which brings the inner fear level down, fills ego needs in a positive way, and allows the ego to appreciate itself and use its energy differently.

If you feel this might help you, contact me.  We can talk about what trips you up and how I might help.

Arlene side sho tcropped smArlene Arnold
Founder of Complementary Color Therapy
Certified Spiritual Guide & Healing Facilitator

Master Mind Group – Ever Been In One?

In 2012, I had slid into blahness in my Virtual Assistant business,  Paperwork Partners.  Have you ever been blah? Not sure if you want to get up and start working? Not thrilled with the work?  Unsure if your business is “it” anymore? Not earning enough? Can you identify with my feeling of the blahs?

I’ve been a friend of Cindy Hillsey for years and years way back in the daysBrain when we were both Virtual Assistants and became on-line friends and confidants. During a chat, I mentioned feeling disgruntled about my business, so my sweet friend invited me to join her Master Mind group. What a blessing my decision to join turned out to be.

I met nine new friends in that group. When it was my turn to talk, I laid out my sense of feeling disgruntled and blah about my VA business. Over the next ten weeks, my new pals listened; they applauded; they recommended; they commiserated; they laughed with me; they encouraged me. They added their ideas to mine. And I shared mine with them for their businesses.

And here’s what I discovered: I didn’t want to be a VA anymore. I wanted only to write. I wanted a copywriting business because I LOVED WRITING most of all.  I knew I was a good writer. I knew I enjoyed it, but loving writing most of all and doing only writing as a business? It had never dawned on me before. The work of the ten weeks had borne such luscious fruit.

The ten weeks had come to an end, but I could not stop because I was on a roll.  I re-upped for another ten weeks. I met some more new friends. I told them my story and that I wanted to change my VA business to copywriting. My new Master Mind group pals listened; they applauded; they recommended; they commiserated; they laughed with me; they encouraged me. They added their ideas to mine. And I shared mine with them for their businesses.

And then, the most miraculous thing happened: Cindy announced that our group was the last group she would be offering, and would I like to take over the groups?  Wow! What a wonderful blessing.

patswritemind_transparentI am bringing my 40+ years of business experience in corporate America, my ten years of on-line entrepreneurship with my VA business, and my personal experience with Master Mind groups into my inheritance from Cindy. I feel so fortunate to be able to share with the new Master Mind groups.

And now, you are invited to join my Master Mind groups in January to create your own miracle within your on-line business.  “If you can imagine it, I can help you bring it into fruition.”

Click here to find more class details. There are still six openings in both groups.  I really look forward to meeting and  speaking with you and then helping you to bring your Big Dreams into actuality.

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