Does Truth Amaze You?

You’re going to be amazed at the truth you’ll hear, because:

  • You’ll immediately see how differently you’ve been taught in the past and
  • You’ll understand why changing how you think is going to change your health.

Guaranteed:  No Medical Costs Involved!

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You’re invited to attend this FREE class next week and learn more about the Mind-Body Connection.

I am in great health at age 75 (I know, I don’t look or act it!) and I want to help others on the path of Truth to know how it’s done.

“You Control Your Health and I Can Show You How” is only for those who know they can handle the truth.

  • You’ll discover the power behind two words: I AM.
  • You’ll learn that your life is mentally controllable.
  • You’ll learn why it’s important to ONLY think what you really want.

Please join us. This hour can revolutionize your life.

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