Finally, Healing Without a Cost!

Pats Write Mind, health classI am in great health at age 75. I have studied since 1978 to learn how to do this and now I want to share my understanding with you.

You’re invited to attend this FREE class next week and learn more about your Mind-Body Connection.

“You Control Your Health and I Can Show You How” is only for those who know they can handle the truth.

  • You’ll discover the power behind two words: I AM.
  • You’ll learn that your life is mentally controllable.
  • You’ll learn why it’s important to ONLY think what you really want.
  • You’ll learn that with courage and understanding, you won’t need medical insurance any longer.

You’ll Learn, Practice, and eventually Master your control over your health. I can teach you how. It’s worked for me! Eventually, with enough understanding under your belt, you can kiss drugs and doctors goodbye.

This is my Life Passion folks, and it’s coming from a Lifetime of Learning, so please, won’t you let me share this with you? I’d love that.

(I’m having a technical glitch today, so please email me at choosing either May 8th at 9 am Pacific or May 12, 3 pm Pacific and I’ll add you to the list manually so I can send you my FREE gift today. Thanks for understanding.) Yes, both classes will be recorded.

If you are a heart-based individual (or you’d like to be,) and you know there has to be more than you already understand, you’re right. It’s in my class!

Love you,


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