How Do You Define Health?

Pat's Write Mind, healthThe reason I chose the name Pat’s Write Mind for my company might not be obvious to everybody unless you know me personally, so I’ll share it with you here.

In addition to being a copywriter, I am also a Teacher of the Walter Method of Eschatology, the Science Behind Life. They both bring me great joy, but the teaching is the greater of the two inside my heart.

You often hear me include some pithy saying in my Facebook posts and they come from the study I teach and from the understanding I have unfolded while immersed in it since 1976.

I am nearing the time for retirement, and instead of working to acquire new copywriting clients, I have decided to focus on starting up new Eschatology classes. I plan to continue with all the copywriting clients who’re my current clients until they choose another to assist them. I plan to foster the growth of those copywriting clients who’re in the queue when they decide to come aboard as well, but I’m not going to make any more specific marketing efforts to get any more copywriting clients.

I am working with a coach to develop two to four classes about spiritual concepts, mainly health, wealth, success, and happiness. There is such an affluence of sub-topics here that I’m quite sure it’ll keep me occupied for the next fifty years. I’m happy about that.

I’ll be creating an Event through Facebook using my Pat’s Write Mind page and in that class, I’m going to be teaching you Why Perfect Health Has Always Been Inside You, whether you knew it or not. I am going to be teaching you that you would be well-served to learn as much as you possibly can about your Inner Self – about your Being – because that is how you can govern your health.

  • You need to understand why Goodness is (and can only be) an Allness.
  • You need to understand how you measure up to that Allness.
  • You would be well served to learn how to think rightly since it is your thought that is creating your experience of health … or not.

This blog post is mainly a tickler. If you want to be absolutely certain you don’t miss out on my Life Aggrandizing classes, I’d recommend you FRIEND me at Pat’s Write Mind in Facebook or go to my website and sign up for my ezine. Shucks! Why not do both?

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Stay tuned. Lots of good stuff is about to happen soon.


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