I CAN Back It Up!

Yesterday, I read this quote from The Great One:

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I thought to myself, “I Can!”  You are aware that I’ve  decided to share some of my secrets and the understanding I’ve unfolded next week in my “You Control Your Health” class. What you don’t know is the “I can back it up” bit, so here goes.

I’ve struggled with the concept of overweight all my life and I’ve worked on it from all angles, including “mentally.”  Mentally, I was able to drop 25 pounds overnight once! Trust me, I even shocked myself over that one. 🙂  Here’s another story:

I got a call from an Emergency Hospital saying my son had been hit in the head by a surfboard and I should leave work immediately. On the way there, I sent him healing thoughts. When I arrived, they apologized for calling me saying it was only a tiny flesh wound.

These are NOT coincidences! These are the Science of Life at use. THIS is what I teach and I want to share this ultra valuable commodity with you so you can control your life as I do mine.

Monday, May 8th at 9 am Pacific and Friday, May 12 at 3 pm Pacific are the times and I will be recording it, so get on the list! http://patswritemind.com/opt-in-page/

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