Is Health the Default – the Norm – or is it Elusive?

When I taught the children in the Junior Church of The Science of healing, health class, Pat'sWRite MindMind of Whittier, CA  many years ago, I used to ask them one question every week:

What do you have to do to be perfect?

Now, I’m asking you: what do you have to do to be perfect?  Initially, only a few of the kids knew the real answer. There were lots of guesses and chubby little hands waving at me.  Do you know the answer?

You don’t have to do anything to be perfect. You already are.

It would take me much longer than one little blog post to take you logically through the steps of Truth to arrive at the understanding behind my answer. I can share a few of the ideas though.

The majority of us believe in some kind of God or Cause.  There’s too scientific a set of systems for there to not be some organized Cause in this world. The majority of us believe this God or Cause is good. I think the Cause is Goodness Itself.

If the Cause is Good and Goodness Itself, and that Cause is my Creator, wouldn’t I have to be Good and Goodness Itself to be entitled to that image and likeness? Yes,  I would and in fact I am, and in fact, so are you.

Here we are, you and me: Good and Goodness Itself intrinsically from the moment of our birth. But no one knew that! This kind of truth got hidden behind church organization and more’s the pity. The decrease in church attendance these days is proof that not enough folks are finding Life answers there.

I’d like to help you remove the veil over the truth that has been developed over the centuries so that you can own and utilize your perfect health that has been lying inside you awaiting discovery.

I want to show you how you’ve been operating your life from a belief only perspective and that there is another way – the way of the Understander. It’s more sure. It’s more guaranteed. You’ll find answers for all those questions you’ve got.

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Stay tuned. Lots of good stuff is about to happen soon.

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