Is There Such a Thing As Too Much Gratitude?

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November is generally a time of year when the idea of Gratitude comes to the foreground, and, based on the seasons of the year, it’s a natural. This is the beginning of a time when resting from the labors of the year stimulates thoughts of gratitude for what has happened in your year.

I believe we live in a mental universe where the objects of our thinking are manifested right before our eyes so that we can see what we’ve entertained and tweak it when necessary. Because thinking actually causes what is thought of to appear, it behooves us to watch carefully what we mentally entertain, because sure as shooting, we’re going to see it soon enough.

I’m most grateful for the following:

  • All of the positive and negative feedback on my Facebook pages. The positive makes me feel both good and humble, and the negative keeps my mind alert and active. “Let’s see now….is there any truth to that? Is there something I can correct, or should I just ignore it as one individual’s uninformed opinion?” Either way, I win.
  • My grandsons. They are free spirits, unfolding so naturally, and I adore being with them, playing with them, buying them birthday and Christmas gifts, bringing them snacks when I visit and praising them to their mom and dad. But mostly, playing.
  • My home. I worked for twelve long years to fix up my fixer upper and now it’s done – well, as done as a house ever gets. Now, all I have to do is enjoy it and maintain it. Sweet!
  • My sons. They turned out to be such incredible men: independent, hard-working, strongly opinionated, loving, handsome, and true blue. Love you, Thad and Seth.
  • My friends. My support group of friends does the one thing for me that I appreciate the most: they accept me as I am. I love acceptance! I have some friends who go back over 50 years. What a joy!
  • My clients. I have wonderful clients, old and new. They provide mental stimulation for me that has conquered entirely the boredom I used to experience in corporate America. They allow me to focus my thought so that even raccoons who slip in to my office to snack on cat food are mostly ignored. Thanks, y’all!
  • The opportunities in my life for earnings.  I have a wonderful copywriting business, and in addition, I’ll be helping to entertain the clients at Santa’s Village this winter season. It’s also my hope to work behind the scenes in a local café to help them through the busy ski season.
  • My harmonious partnership with Jamie Saloff at Jamie and I are in agreement about so many topics that it’s hard to write them all down here. You’ll have to trust me. Jamie is stellar and true blue.
  • New activities in Big Bear. From a very old friend’s invitation, I’ve been enjoying in Big Bear his summer concerts, his movie discussion night, and their writer’s workshop. I love new and interesting things in my life. It keeps me young.

There is an incredible result for giving grateful recognition, and I’m going to talk about it in my next Blog Post.  Please stay tuned!

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