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Hello, my friends.  I have been somewhat irregular here on my blog. All excuses I might offer would only be a cover up for sloth. 😉 I have been busy though, sorting through some ideas, and I just wanted to give you a heads up about  my busy-ness.

I have been thinking about what I truly want to do going into the future and I’ve discovered what that is: teach more metaphysics classes.

Eschatology teacher, eschatology, pats write mindI am an authorized Walter Method teacher of Eschatology. Eschatology and metaphysics are big words that means I follow William Walter’s understanding about Life as a Science. I know how to heal so-called illnesses. I know how to reverse so-called poverty. I understand how to create a successful business. And for sure, I’ve got happiness wrapped  up.

I don’t do any of those via what you might consider traditional methods. I do them all using only my mind, aka – mentally. It brings me great joy to share my understanding with other people. I feel confident in what I teach because I have used my understanding and the results I get are my proof that it works.

Please continue to watch my blog here because I’m now working with a fabulous heart-based coach to develop and bring to y’all a series of classes that are pre-classes for the study. They’ll help you determine if the study is what you’ve been searching for.

  • If you are struggling with health issues, there will be classes about fostering health.
  • If poverty or “not enough” is your problem, my classes show you how to turn that around.
  • If your business has tanked, I’ll be showing you simple ways to resuscitate it.
  • If you find happiness elusive, I know where it’s hiding from you.

My grandmother was the village storyteller during her youth in Sant’Egidio alla Vibrata in Italy. I admired her stories so much, I became a story teller too. I love to use stories to make points clear, and we laugh a lot in my classes.  Make a note to watch for more posts!


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