Self-Acceptance and Self-Worth turn into New Clients

I’m guessing that those of you who know me, know that I am a Walter Method Teacher of Eschatology. This study is my life blood. I pinch myself from time to time thinking how lucky I was to bring it into my life.

I’m telling you this because I’ve been busy for years and years correcting my sense of money, cash flow, finances. I haven’t done well in this arena, although here I am in my 70’s, still breathing, still earning a living, and not in debtor’s prison!

Two weeks ago, my Eschatology teacher (you bet your bippie I still study!) told me that it wasn’t about knowing there IS abundance. It wasn’t about claiming my piece of the pie.  It was about knowing the value of the work I do for my clients. It was about knowing the value of the sharing of my understanding with my family and friends.

Man, that resonated!  I decided to get busy and enumerate just what that value is. I keep a list of my character strengths and my virtues on the wall by my monitor so I can remind myself.  If you’ll look at the blog below this one, you’ll see my musings about the first half of what’s on that list.

I wanted to explain this process to you because I believe if you do the same as I did – give the good about you due notice – you might have the same results I did….and wouldn’t I just love that!  I manifested ten new jobs since I posted the blog below.

Ready?  Begin!

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