The Rewards of Being Grateful

In my last blog post, I mentioned the major ways in which I’m grateful, and I promised you that I’d share the incredible results of that kind of mental activity. So here goes:

  • When you least expect it, more good will pop up in your life after you’ve given grateful recognition for the good that’s already there. My sister in law’s dad has been to my home often. I liked him and I believed he appreciated my hostness abilities. After he died, I received a Color-Me-Mine tissue box with the following poem on it from him and it made me cry:

Your enthusiasm for life

Playing the cards you’re given

Means something to me

For going right on and livin’



  • It is a law of life that recognition and gratitude create the next good thing for which you can be grateful in an ever-widening upward spiral. It’s as if the whole world is conspiring to please you. “Well, if you think that was great, watch this next one….and the one after that. “
  • When you decide to be grateful, you have to focus your mind on only that which automatically lets things like the election, wars, poverty, and other negativities fall by the way side. And good riddance to them! If you give recognition to them, you only get more of them since thought is causative!
  • Your mind feels better thinking right and good thoughts of gratitude than anything else! Give it a try. We can put Bayer out of business!  🙂

I want to wish each of you a Happy Thanksgiving. I am grateful for everyone who reads my blog and tells others about it.


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