Why? Because Nobody Else is Me.

Pat's Write MindI’ve let go of the concept of competition when it comes to many things in my life, chief among them my copywriting business. Why? Because nobody else is me.

I’ve got writing skills, yes.  All copywriters have writing skills. But I’ve got something else that no other copywriter I know has, and I’d like to unzip and tell you about that part of me.

From my early days, I’ve been enamored with the idea of loving God and being good. What that means to me has changed over the years but the main concept has remained and gosh, has it been put to good use.

Spirituality is my drug of choice. For me, it’s not about church or any religious organization. For me, it’s about my salvation which I define as self-correction toward the effort of being, doing, and acting good.

It has served me well. I have unfolded a long list of virtues  and I want to explain some of them to you. Why? Because they get woven into what I write, and you and your clients are twice blessed because of them.

Understanding.  I believe I’ve gained a lovely understanding about life, why I’m here, why you’re here, and what it takes to have a successful earth experience.

Vision. I have the ability to see the whole picture of your business, how it fits in, what it has to do to be successful, and what are the pieces you’ll need to accomplish that.

Experience. I’ve been working either in corporate America or as an entrepreneur since 1967. I’ve learned quite a lot in all that time. I’ve held over 60 jobs. That’s a whole bunch of learning.

Humor.  I love to laugh, either at myself or at you. There’s no malice behind my laughter. It’s purely about delight and jiggling my belly muscles.

I Can See Patterns. I am a metaphysics teacher and I help my students by seeing the habitual patterns that aren’t serving them well. I point them outso they can see that they have other options. I can do this for my clients if they’d like, but I don’t force this on anyone. Some would be surprised to hear me say that I am capable of saying nothing.

Articulate. I never have experienced writer’s block. I am well-read, have an avid interest in the good, and I cannot fathom not being able to describe what I’m thinking or feeling in the yummiest words.

Compassionate.  I feel lucky to have my mind and my set of talents. I feel blessed. I know that some folks don’t recognize this in themselves, so I am compassionate and I’m very wont to point out their good from my perspective. Folks seem to enjoy this. “Do you really think so?” I hear so often.

Organized and Efficient. I think I’m a touch OCD, and I constantly look for the most efficient way to get a job done. Hence, coupled with my organizational skills, I have one  hefty output. I tune in to my spiritual self when I write and just let the words drip out my brain, over my shoulders and down onto the keyboard. It’s messy but effective.

Valuable. Here’s a big truth: next week, I’ll be 76 years old. Over all these wonderful, wonder-filled years, I’ve unfolded a boat load of understanding and skills. I bring tremendous value – no, I AM a tremendous value – to my clients.

That’s just about half the list. Trust me, there’s a lot more.

Now, I’ll tell you what I’m searching for:  I want to bring ALL THAT I AM to bear for one special client. I’m looking for a life coach who wants to kick it up a few notches. I want to write or re-write her website. I want to write her business book. I want to write her speeches and her class curriculum. She can tell me what else.

I know she’s out there and I’m convinced that she’s looking for me as well.

I can’t wait to meet you!


pat@patswritemind.com  or 909-867-2413




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