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Pat Matson, ghostwriterOne of the for-sure things you can know about writers the world over is that they are readers. I have had a greedy-guts absorption of ideas that goes back to my first school days. I loved reading books!

Two memories stand out for me from my grade school days. We were given our reader’s for the year on the first day of school. I read the entire book that night! My biggest challenge was sitting without squirming while other kids struggled over the words as they read aloud in class.

My second memory was Wednesday’s at the Uniontown Public Pats Write MindLibrary. Mrs. Leonard read a story aloud to all the children every Wednesday. I ran from St. John’s Grade School to the library so that I wouldn’t miss the beginning of the story. That was grand but what followed was the better part. I returned last week’s books, and then I would cram as many books into my book bag as it would hold for that week’s entertainment. I learned how to dust the furniture with a book in my hand. I rushed through other chores like dish washing to be able to get back to my books.

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys and Sherlock Holmes mysteries were in my life as dear friends. I traded books with my cousins. I simply couldn’t get enough!

When I entered the convent, I was put in charge of cataloguing 20,000 books as the core of our Jr. College level library and the state of Pennsylvania gave us an accreditation. I was nineteen then and I’m still amazed when I think back on it.

I loved English Grammar classes too. When we had to write a paragraph or a story, gloriosky! What a thrill! I was first published in the Kid’s Corner in the Uniontown Evening Standard newspaper. I really liked that. I still love being published.

To reading and writing skills, I’ve added understanding and wisdom. Word of the Day is a widget on my Home page. Have to stay fresh, you know? Now, I use all of them for Pat’s Write Mind clients where I create blogs, articles, books, ebooks and curriculum for heart-based entrepreneurs.  I’d love to speak to you about your business writing needs. You can reach me via mailto:pat@patswritemind.com.

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